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EuroTalk goes out of this world!

Klingon is the language spoken by the legendary Klingon warriors in the hugely successful Star Trek TV shows and movies.

The Talk Now! CD-ROM covers everyday words Klingons would use if they lived on Earth today, including some brand new ones. Phrases that are unique to the Klingon culture are not included.

The disc has been made with the help of CBS Studios, which owns the Star Trek franchise, UK Klingon translator Jonathan Brown and US linguist Marc Okrand, the creator of the Klingon language.

Like our other Talk Now! products, this program focuses on making the language fun and interactive through rewarding games and quizzes, as well as a recording feature to practise speaking it. Combined with learners’ natural interest and enthusiasm for Klingon, we believe this program will set you on the path to victory!. Most importantly, you don’t have to learn from English – the vocabulary on the disc has been translated into over 100 languages so you can learn from anywhere on Planet Earth.

Below are some extra Klingon phrases, which enthusiasts may find useful:

  • "People interested in learning Klingon will get a big kick out of this product – it’s great fun!"
    Marc Okrand, linguistics professor and creator of the Klingon Language
  • "Translating words for Talk Now! Learn Klingon has been a brilliant experience and I’m very proud to have helped."
    Jonathan Brown, Klingon translator and voice over artist
  • "Jonathan and I had a bit of a giggle recording the disc and imagining Klingons doing day-to-day Earth activities.."
    Charlotte Kebbell, voice over artist
English Klingon
Today is a good day to learn ghojlu'meH QaQ jajvam
Use the CD to begin learning Klingon tlhIngan Hol DaghojchoHmeH De' jengva' Dalo'
Do you speak Klingon? tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'
I do not speak Klingon tlhIngan Hol vIjatlhlaHbe'
There are Klingons around here naDev tlhInganpu' tu'lu'
Revenge is a dish which is best served cold bortaS bIr jablu'DI' reH QaQqu' nay'
Four thousand throats may be cut in one night by a running man qaStaHvIS wa’ ram loS SaD Hugh SIjlaH qetbogh loD
Your mother has a smooth forehead! (Note: this is a powerful insult; don't say it to friends.) Hab SoSlI' Quch!
Today is a good day to die Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam