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You can now learn over 100 languages on your iPhone or iPad. With uTalk, you'll never be lost for words, no matter where in the world you are.

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Start speaking a new language today.

Think you're no good at languages? Think again. Using our software, learning becomes simple and fun. Available for your computer, TV or smartphone.

Learn the basics for £29.99. Download now!

Start with 'Hello' and go from there. Over 100 languages available for immediate download. Start learning today.

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Fun for children

Junior Language Challenge

The annual language learning competition for children under 11 across the UK. Perfect for primary schools introducing languages.

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Free trial

Start learning over 100 languages right now with our free demo. Or take a look at our interactive map to find out where different languages are spoken in the world.

uTalk apps

Learn on the move!

EuroTalk's mobile language apps are great for practising when you're out and about. Try the new uTalk for free to pick up the basics in 60 languages.

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The best Maths app for your child

A set of ten key topics for the early years of school. Our fantastic new maths app, the first in a series, gets children off to a great start.

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