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Learn Arabic (Egyptian)

100 Word Exercise Book Arabic (Egyptian)

FOR anyone who finds foreign script daunting, EuroTalk recommends this easy way to learn. The 100 Word Exercise Book features a simple guide to how the script differs from English and how to pronounce the different letters. The exercises give you plenty of practice using your new knowledge. It’s an ideal accompaniment to the audio focus of EuroTalk software.

Will it work for me?

The 100 Word Exercise Book is designed for learners of all ages looking for an introduction to written Arabic (Egyptian).

What will I learn?

Learn the written forms of common words from animals and locations to clothes and parts of the body.

100 Word Exercise Book help languages

  • English (American)
  • English (British)

How does it work?

Use it with Talk Now! The 100 Word Exercise Book is an excellent accompaniment to EuroTalk’s beginner software. It builds on this basic vocabulary with written language.

Employ more senses and take your learning off the page by using the 100 tear-out flashcards included.

Try out what you’ve just learned with the exercises. These are all fun activities like joining opposites, filling in speech bubbles and doing word searches.

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