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Language Lab

“A dream to install.” School IT technician If you want to install any EuroTalk title onto your school network, you first need to install Language Lab. You will then be able to use any EuroTalk product that you have a licence for on your school network.

Will it work in my classroom?

Language Lab is compatible with RM, standard Windows and CSE networks. It is currently unavailable for Apple Mac based networks.

Installing it on a network is easy. It doesn’t require an engineer visit, and it can be done by an IT technician. If you run into any problems at all, we are happy to give you as much technical support as you require.

Teacher Features

Language Lab is all about giving the teacher feedback and control over their students’ progress. There is a separate teacher section, from which you can access any workstation on the network to monitor your students.

Teachers can keep track of individual scores and time spent using the software. This means that you can see any areas where your students are falling behind or might need help. You can also listen to their spoken work on the recording section to help with perfecting their accent.

If you have Talk Now! (our beginner program), you can also hold a networked class quiz, where students compete for points in real time, with a central scoreboard suitable for big screens or projectors – great fun and an excellent motivator.

Language Lab help languages

  • English (British)

How does it work?

Once the program is installed, you will be able to add any EuroTalk programs that you have a licence for. You only need one copy of Language Lab per network.

When you buy the Language Lab, you will choose which program (e.g. Talk Now! German or World Talk Italian) you would like installed with it. If you want to buy other network programs at a later date, you won’t need to re-purchase the Language Lab to install them.