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Verbots Scottish Gaelic

FOR anyone who has wondered how verbs are conjugated, but despaired of learning all the rules and tables, EuroTalk recommends Verbots. This fun little book makes learning more effective and fun using colourful robot characters to illustrate common verbs.

Will it work for me?

Verbots Scottish Gaelic is a great resource for kids and grown-ups alike. Children can start to identify what a verb is and the way it changes with the subject of the sentence. Advanced learners can go on to learn the different tenses and improve their accuracy.

What will I learn?

You can learn 101 common verbs and their conjugations: present (simple and continuous), perfect, imperfect, future, conditional and present perfect. The verbs range from ‘to run’ to ‘to kick’.

Verbots help languages

  • English (American)
  • English (British)
  • Spanish

How does it work?

Learn with characters and stories. Each picture depicts a story or situation. Exploring the different elements of the pictures will make learning more meaningful and therefore more effective.

Colour coded tables make it really easy to pick out the tense you’re looking for.

Hear the verbs. You can use the Verbots books in conjunction with the online resource at www.learnverbs.com, so that you can hear the words pronounced.

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