Teachers’ FAQs

What ages are Eurotalk products aimed at?

Most EuroTalk programs are designed to be fun and accessible to learners of all ages and stages! Vocabulary Builder, however, is designed especially for children, and Talk the Talk is designed to meet the needs of teenage learners around GCSE level.

We also host an annual competition for Primary School children under the age of ten, called the Junior Language Challenge. Over the course of the competition they learn the basics of up to three languages using the EuroTalk Talk Now! discs. Find out more about the Junior Language Challenge.

What Key Stages do the discs cover?

  • Vocabulary Builder: KS1
  • Talk Now: KS2-3
  • Talk The Talk: KS3
  • Talk More KS3
  • World Talk: KS3-4

Can I use it on lots of computers?

Standard discs and Whiteboard Editions will work on a single Computer only. Language Lab, the EuroTalk network disc, can be used on a number of computers depending on the type of licence you buy. If you have an unlimited network disc then you will be able to use the software on an unlimited number of computers over your school network.

Can I use it on a Mac network?

We do not currently support Mac networks - Language Lab, the EuroTalk network disc is Windows only.

What features are included on a EuroTalk network?

Language Lab installed on a network allows pupils to simultaneously play any of the activities on the disc, either on their own or as a class. A separate teacher interface is also available, where you can keep on eye on the pupils’ progress and set which activities and topics are covered during each class.

The network version of Talk Now! also includes a special quiz section, enabling you to host competitions amongst members of the class - a fun twist on traditional testing.

Can I access EuroTalk lessons on the internet?

Not yet. EuroTalk are planning to develop online learning resources, but currently only the CD-ROM version is available.

Can I put it on a Smartboard?

Absolutely. All EuroTalk software is compatible with Promethean and Smart whiteboards as well as eBeam.

Will it teach grammar?

No – we have found that one of the main factors that puts new learners off learning a language is too much focus on grammar. While some students thrive on a grammar-based approach, others are intimidated by it. Our method teaches language by getting the student to listen to, speak and interact with the language they are learning – we don’t include any grammar lessons.

Does it fit in with the national curriculum?

Yes - if you browse to the product information pages, we have included information on how each one fits into the national Languages Ladder.

Does EuroTalk appeal to different learning styles?

Eurotalk discs are designed to be interactive, fun and engaging.

  • Visual. The colourful pictures and well produced video clips will appeal to visual learners
  • Auditory. The language on the discs is always spoken by native speakers, so pupils are constantly hearing the language and being encouraged to repeat it in the recording sections. This approach will appeal to auditory learners.
  • Kinesthetic-Tactile. EuroTalk software puts great emphasis on games – we have found that interaction with a language is the best way to appeal to lots of learning types including the kinesthetic-tactile group.

How can I teach a multi-cultural class using EuroTalk?

EuroTalk discs are designed so that pupils can learn from any of the other languages we cover – so if you have the beginner disc for Spanish, you can set it to give you instructions and help in Swahili or Turkish or French – or over 120 other languages.

Will it make me redundant?

Don’t worry – Eurotalk discs aren’t designed to replace human interaction, which is an absolutely necessary element in learning any language. As much as we try to make our discs interactive and engaging, we can’t hope to achieve the level of immersion derived from interacting with a native speaker or a teacher. There is also room for a teacher to teach material not covered in the programs, adding more detail as well as new words and phrases.