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Who we are

LizLiz has been with EuroTalk since 2006. She started out in accounts (despite not being an accountant) and then switched to marketing, just to be different. Having graduated in Hispanic Studies in 2004, Liz can speak Spanish, and understand a little Portuguese and French. Away from EuroTalk, she can often be found with her head in a book, or watching Britain get beaten at tennis.


SteveSteve established EuroTalk’s Education Division and he’s responsible for institutional sales and contracts globally. With a background in international trade and marketing he has managed EuroTalk’s expansion overseas for nine years. Steve is rarely office bound – he is often meeting customers or attending trade shows and conferences in the UK and abroad.


GloriaGloria was our first employee back in 1992 and after stints as the Chairman’s P.A., Education Manager and looking after technical support, she now takes care of our credit control – and our lovely roof garden! Gloria speaks fluent Greek and her love of Greece and her people means she visits the country often, having many friends and relations who live there. She can’t be bothered to retire (in spite of being well over retirement age) so she works two days a week and goes ballroom dancing the rest of the time.



Alex joined EuroTalk in 2012 with the task of localising the maths apps into 40+ global languages. She’s now dabbling in script writing for onebillion‘s practice apps – although languages remain her number one passion! She speaks German and Spanish and is currently learning French and Italian, as well as writing ‘10 reasons‘ articles as an excuse for travelling as much as possible.



NatNat is overseeing the translation of our new app uTalk into (eventually) 200 languages or more and she’ll be fascinated to find out about the quirks and individualities of all of them… and she’s looking forward to using as many as possible on her travels! Nat loves hiking, sailing, folk music (especially sea shanties) and second-hand book shops, and hopes to emigrate somewhere warm and pretty in the future.


IoanaIoana took over our customer care in February 2014. Originally from Romania, Ioana speaks three languages: Romanian, English and German. She’s a fan of photography, fashion and cats, and plays tennis when she gets the chance. Ioana also enjoys travelling, and will be sharing her ’10 reasons to visit…’ series of blog posts over the coming months, so if you have somewhere you think she should write about, please let us know!


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  1. Hello

    I am wondering if you are looking for new Korean VO artist ?

    My name is Mijoo Hyun and I am a London based Korean VO artist.
    I am a native Korean, brought up in Seoul which is important.
    Since I have started VO jobs, the feedback from the market has been very positive and hoping to working with Euro talk as well.
    Sorry to contact you this way but look forward to hearing from you soon.



    • EuroTalk
      Apr 29 2015

      Hi Mijoo, thanks for getting in touch! We’re not looking for anyone right now, but if you’d like to send your details over to our language producer, Nat, at, we can keep your details on file for any future projects. Thank you!


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